Who we are

Enjojo Wildlife Foundation is a non-profit conservation organisation

that promotes all initiatives related to the conservation of wildlife and the wildlife habitats.

The organisation was established in  2019 in the Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park in response to the enormous pressure on Uganda’s wildlife and wildlife habitats due to the increase in human population on the one hand and ongoing poaching practices on the other. We want to create a safe place where orphaned baby elephants and other animals that are rescued from poaching can be treated and rehabilitated until they can return into the wild.  


We believe that conservation of our wildlife and ecosystems can only be sustainable if we economically empower the community bordering the park and inspire new generations to look after the planet in a better way than we have done. We are confident that human wildlife conflicts will reduce if the community is actively engaged in the running of the sanctuary. 


Our Vision

A world where humans and wildlife co-exist peacefully.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide a sanctuary and rehabilitation center for animals that have become victims of poaching, to involve the community bordering the protected areas in conservation and to empower them to derive a livelihood from sustainable management of their natural resources. 

Our Team

Community Members

The community bordering Ishasha sector of Queen Elizabeth National Park is keen to promote the conservation of wildlife & the environment.

An economically empowered community understands the need of co-existence with wild animals.

Kris Debref

Founder and Executive Director

Kris has 12 years experience in leading & implementing governance, peace building & community projects in multiple African countries.


Prior to that, she worked with Change Management and Project Management in a Swedish multinational and as a policy advisor on development in the European Parliament.

She's been to over 30 African countries, but fell in love in Uganda, where she owns & operates  Enjojo Lodge in Queen Elizabeth National Park.  She is a passionate conservationist and environmentalist.

Daudi Makobore


Daudi is a businessman and conservationist who brings on board over 35 years of experience in the East African region.


In addition to being the Vice Chairman of the Rhino Fund, he is also a board member/advisor of several organisations and businesses within the region.


Daudi is a seasoned professional known for his contagious passion for conservation, motivational leaderships and developing resourceful business solutions.

Umar Turyakira started his career as a Uganda Wildlife Authority Ranger in Bwindi National Park

He spent  7 years as a security advisor and logistics officer in an international NGO  in South Sudan working with peacebuilding and capacity building for Local Councils. 

As Umar’s hometown is close to Ishasha, he has the best understanding of the local culture and how to overcome the challenges to create harmonious living between humans and animals

Vincent Opyene

Board Member

Vincent is an advocate of the High of Uganda. He started his career in conservation as an investigator, a specialized wildlife crime prosecutor and a legal manager with Uganda Wildlife Authority.


He is a wildlife crime lawyer and anti-corruption activist, founder and CEO OF Natural Resource Conservation Network and Opyene & Company Advocates, and a board Member of Rhino Fund Uganda.


Vincent won two awards in the conservation of wildlife being the prestigious Tusk Award for conservation in Africa and Ministry of wildlife Tourism and Antiquities award for his contribution in the conservation of wildlife in Uganda.

Our Partners

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What we do

Baby elephant Sanctuary & Rehabilitation Program

Community Healthcare

Promoting Conservation Culture

Energy Conservation & Tree Planting

Small Scale Enterprise Development

Conflict Mitigation

Combating Poaching & Illegal Wildlife Trade


Umar Turyakira



Our Stories

Ishasha Sector, Queen Elizabeth National Park


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